Animated TV series (Episodic) 

The first season, 13 Episodes (5 minutes)

 Genre: Educational-adventure 

Technique: Digital 2D cut-out

 Tone: Fantasy Comedy 

Target audience age group: Kids (preschool)

Detective cats work in the house of lost

objects in the city of Meowtoon.

They help other cats to find their lost

 ones in every episode and with their 

triple powers, they find objects. They 

de liver the lost to their owners.


Mili is a pink cat. Mi-li is very precise and thorough. She makes the best plans to succeed in their missions. Mili asks the best questions and looks for clues to find lost things. He has a magnifying glass, a camera, and a tape recorder that is always with him. She likes detective work and is always looking for clues.


Lala (boy) is a bright orange cat who is quieter and more thoughtful than his other three friends. He is our main detective and is interested in cooking, music, painting, and all kinds of arts, one of his great talents is his strong sense of smell, which is recorded in the cat record book. In the house of Lost Objects, Lala is engaged in flower arranging and cooking and is fond of reading books. He has a good memory and remembers all the important things. At home, he has a small lost item that he leans on and swings when he is not working. He finds the lost objects with the help of Miley and Molo.


Mulu (boy) is a dark-colored cat. He is strong and athletic. His speed is high, he has a lot of power and he is the best driver who constantly takes care of the engine, machine, and tools. He is a technical and brave cat and helps his friends to solve problems. He is cheerful and energetic and has the courage to jump and try new ways. He is not afraid of anything and does acrobatic and theatrical works. He can fly with a paraglider, ski on water, and often moves with skates.